Dance Dance Revolution Inspired StepManiaX


StepManiaX (abbreviated SMX and pronounced “Step Maniacs”) is a rhythm game developed & published by Step Revolution.  2 people at once can play this against one another, or one can play to score. In the game, the player presses the pads along with the arrows that need to be lined up on the screen, matching the rhythm and beat of the music that plays in the background.

The soundtrack style for StepManiaX is similar in approach to other dance games. The soundtrack generally consists of higher tempo music with easy to follow beats and well-defined rhythms. The song selection consists of newer songs that have never appeared in other music games, as well as older licenses that have also appeared in other music games.

This version is not the same one you are used to playing at home; it is much more advanced, with the full setup.

Gems Parties delivers the Step Mania X arcade game for rent in Southern California. Rent one for your next party or event and rock the occasion!

  • Dimensions: 84"D x 71"W x 86"H
  • 8 amps

Please give us a call if you’re looking for more information or ready to book.

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