Pac-Man Battle Royale


Upto 4 players. Play head to head. Power up, eat the ghosts and your opponent. Last pacman standing wins!

Pac-Man Battle Royale is one of the games in the famous Pac Man series. The was developed by Namco and created as part of Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary, released in 2011. This game has a four-player mode.

The main challenge of the game is to eliminate the competition by eating them; the last Pac Man standing is declared the winner. The size and speed you have access to can be boosted by gulping power pellets. This also renders you to power up enough to be able to eat anything in your way, including the otherwise harmful blue ghosts.

Once you have eaten all of the fruits and power pellets, you get newer power pellets to reach and gulp down. There is a bomb utility feature which allows the player to escape intense situations; meanwhile, the bullets of the Pac-Man can be good for slowing down blue ghosts. After the game is completed, you have stats displayed on the screen for each player, including most rounds won, most pellets are eaten, etc. Taken overall, Pac-Man Battle, Royal is very addictive and you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

  • Dimensions: 35"W x 45"D x 90"H

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