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Tent Rentals

Tent Rentals for your party are great for any outdoor occasion. Gems Parties Event Rentals in Los Angeles has you covered for canopies and tent rentals for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. Check out our selection and prices. Give us a call or send us a message if you have any questions.


Tenting:Canopies: Many other sizes available, pricing based on 8' high legs, 10' high legs extra: Please call for pricing.
Price Qty
40×80 White Canopies
40×40 White Canopies
40×100 White Canopies
30×60 White Canopies
30×30 White Canopies
20×50 White Canopies
20×20 White Canopies
15×30 White Canopies
15×15 White Canopies
10×20 White Canopies
10×10 White Canopies


Wrapping of Canopy Frame Taffeta/Velum
Sq. Ft. Plastic Sheeting and Wood To Cover Pergola
Sq. Ft. Canopy Liner
No Smoking Sign
Ft. Window Side Wall 8′ High
Ft. White Side Wall 8′ High
Ft. White Side Wall 10′ High
Ft. Clear Side Wall 8′ High
Ft. Clear Side Wall 10′ High
Forced Air Heaters/w Propane Tank
Fire Extinguisher K (For Deep Fryer, white)
Fire Extinguisher ABC (red)
Illuminated Exit Sign w/Backup Battery
Decorative Swag
PREPARE PERMITS, cost of permits is extra.
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