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Table Rentals

Gems Parties has competitive pricing for table rentals in all shapes and sizes. Check out our extensive inventory to make your party come to life with your event lighting, chairs, bar rentals and more for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, or any special event you may have.


Price Qty
Clear Acrylic Table Top, 8’x4′
48″ Square Glowing Table
30″ Round Table/Bar Height
30″ Round Table/Regular Height
6’x18″ Conference Table
8’x18″ Conference Table
1/2 Oval Table, 60″ wide x 60″ long (2 makes a 120″ long oval table)
Cocktail Table, 20″, Light Up, BAR Height w/32″x32″ clear top
Cocktail Table, 20″, Light Up, REGULAR Height w/32″x32″ clear top
Serpentine Table, 7ft
Leg Extention for Table, 1 set
8’x40″ Table
8′ Table
8′ Children’s Table
72″ Rnd Table
60″ Square Table
60″ Rnd Table
6′ Table
6′ Children’s Table
54″ Rnd Table
48″ Square Table
48″ Rnd Table
4′ Table
36″ Rnd Table/Bar Height
36″ Rnd Table/Regular Height
30″ Square Table/Bar Height
30″ Square Table/Regular Height
24″ Square Table/Bar Height
24″ Square Table/Regular Height
24″ Rnd Table/Bar Height
1/2 60″ Round Table
Table Setup
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