Whac A Mole


Whac a Mole is a popular arcade game which was created by Aaron Fechner, creator of Creative Engineering Inc. Invented in 1976, this game continues even today to be among the most famed arcade games throughout the nation. The original game used to have five holes, each of which had a mole popping out seemingly randomly. On the player’s side, the objective is to hit each mole that comes out using a soft mallet, thus scoring points. The moles need to be hit as quickly as you can, or they go back into their respective holes, leaving you with no points.

Gameplay draws out for a limited time, which is usually around 30 seconds. With each game coming to an end, you get to see the individual score of the player that just finished. The Whac a Mole game rental from Gems Parties is great for any event or party. The game itself brings plenty of fun for kids of all ages.

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Whac A Mole is the perfect rental for any school carnival, office party, or birthday party.

Gems Parties offer delivery anywhere in the Southern California Area,

  • Dimensions: 32"W x 29"D x 84"H

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