Gems Parties is now bringing you the classic Tetris game which everyone has at least once dreamt of winning a high score at. This is the age-old favorite where you get to have loads of fun. The design of this arcade game was first produced by a Russian scientist back in ’84, and since then, it has cemented a position in people’s minds as one of the best games ever played.

About Tetris

Tetris is the classic puzzle game where you fit color-matched tiles next to each other, and the premise of the game stays this simple all the way through. There are seven different versions you can play of, with tetrominoes coming in geometric shapes and made up of four blocks each. The goal is to turn and move the blocks which come out seemingly at random and lay out horizontal lines without gaps. After you complete a line without any gaps, that row disappears; if you fail to do this, the tetrominoes start forming a high stack. This eventually gets so high that new blocks cannot enter, and that ends the game. If you are able to complete four rows simultaneously, then you have a Tetris. As you advance through the levels, the entering blocks start falling faster.

  • Dimensions: 32"D x 25.5" W x 72"H

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