Tekken III



Tekken 3 is the third in the line of the world-acclaimed Tekken games. Tekken was first made available to the public in 2004 by Namco system arcades. The fifth iteration removes a ton of the changes brought in by its predecessor – including the uneven stage terrain – and brings more stages without barriers, as well as allowing these to be infinitely scrollable.

In the case of walled stages, the fights happening in them are confined to symmetrically shaped boxes, with the walls staying perfectly even with the box. The main thing is that there is no longer any unevenness to deal with. Additionally, the floors can crack if characters hit them hard enough, and this is bound to open up many avenues for fun and exploration.

Removing the uneven terrain has also made the game a lot faster. The third iteration has a better fighting system and better graphics to boot. Some characters from the older game return, which means there are options for moves like hop kicks and such.

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