Street Fighter 2



Street Fighter 2 is a popular head-to-head fighting game in which the player is required to drain down the energy level of his or her opponent inside the allotted time. Best of three wins the overall game. Players are given the chance to earn bonus points as well after the fight is over, through a car-breaking attempt, barrel-breaking attempt, and drum-burning attempt. Note that these things are only available in single-player mode.

This game is the second entrant in the series, but a lot like the original, its control utilizes the eight-sided joystick motion coupled with six attack buttons. These the player can use to crouch, jump, and hold distance from the opponent, aside from evading the latter’s attack. There are three punch buttons configured into the controls, as well as three kick buttons. The strength and speed here range from heavy to light. Just like in the original game, the player is able to perform multiple moves though using different combinations of these six buttons.
This game is very similar to the original in a handful of ways, such as in relation to the characters.

  • Dimensions: 2 player fighting game. 27"W x 36"Dx76"H

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