Simpsons Pinball



You will see The Simpsons Pinball Party electronic pinball machine among the top 20 of all time. The Simpsons are what you would call America’s most colorful family, and placing them in a wildly adventurous setting is this latest product from STERN PINBALL. This game carries your family from the TV screen to a playfield comprising two levels, chock full of games modes and themes which echo some of the most classic episodes out of the hit series.

One endearingly appealing thing about the game is that it brings a moving/talking Homer head, as well as a figurine of Bart on a skateboard, both affixed to the captive ball. You also have Comic Book Guy and Itchy & Scratchy targets for the pinball.

Simpson’s Pinball Party places you behind the controls and gives the citizens of Springfield the kind of mission that everyone loves – to party like it is their last day on earth. Unique touches include the garage door at the Simpsons’ house leading to the second level of the playfield, which comes with a matrix color television, a rail track to carry the ball across, and a couch which starts off multi-ball mode once you have filled it with three pinballs.

  • Dimensions: 54"Dx29"Wx75"H 8 amps

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