Shoot To Win, LED Basketball


Gems Parties has redesigned the classic Hoop Fever basketball game by adding LED lights to it. The latest NBA Hoops basketball game include bright LED lights, metal frame, adjustable front cabinet, NBA sized hoop that can easily accommodate a nine-inch basketball offering great win rotation, and a really strong backboard that can ensure better scoring.

The glowing LED lights added to the NBA Hoops LED Basketball game makes it really colorful and can be an instant hit in your party. These lights are fully adjustable and can be easily customized to the color that you like. This is a perfect game that can help you keep your guests entertained completely.

The Shoot to Win LED Basketball game rented from Gems Parties can help you and your guests stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to offer a competitive environment, you can rent many games and then link them together to provide a head to head competition. This is a commercial basketball game offered by Gems Parties. We are the leading provider of some of the most iconic and popular games that are much loved in game rooms and arcades across the world.

Each unit is: 39″W x 94″D x 101″H 1.5amps

Order 2 units to play head to head

  • Dimensions: 39″W x 94″D x 101″H

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