Neo Geo Multicade, 100 in 1


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Neo Geo is a famous cartridge-based board arcade game which commonly is also known as the fourth generation home video game console. It was first started by SNK Corporation in the ‘90s, and when brought out, was a Multi Video System in an arcade machine which was coin-operated. Today, you can load a maximum of 6 different cartridges inside a single cabinet. All it takes to change the game title on the machine is swapping the ROM cartridge, and of course, changing the cabinet artwork.

Neo Geo has enough upsides to make preferring it a smart move. For one, you can use it on the JP as well as US consoles. Secondly, it lets users save information and come back later and see their high scores. Portable memory cards can be used to transfer data, which is definitely a good option to have. Various fighters are allowed in fighting games, and you also get to play shooter games; all of those things add to why this arcade game is such a big hit.

The cabinet has a monitor which displays games through either raster or vector graphics, both of which are popular these days when it comes to arcade games. Either the circuit board is printed, or you have system boards which can be used to run hardware, and which are hidden away in the interior of the cabinet. Some systems use the game carts as well as the main boards. You also see a power supply point through which the cabinet draws DC power, and lights and buttons next to the coin slots.

Other parts which make up the Neo Geo include the bezel, the marquee, and the coin slots, alongside the control panel. The last one gives instructions on how the game needs to be played.

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