Hydro Thunder


Upto 2 Racing boats linked for head to head racing.

Hydro Thunder is a motorboat racing arcade game that allows you to explore the waters on different types of futuristic boats. There are around 13 watercourses in the arcade game, set in Antarctica, the Greek isles, the Far East, and more. The race will have arcade checkpoint systems spread across the watercourses. Players can find many types of upgrades and power-ups, like nitro boosters, on their way to the finish line too.

The graphics of the Hydro Thunder arcade game is amazing. It offers reflective water effects along with realistic bouncing and bucking in the motorboats. The arcade game is so exciting and engaging that it was released for PlayStation and Nintendo 64 as well.

  • Dimensions: 68"D x 31"W x 74"H

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