Family Guy Pinball



Family Guy Pinball is a very popular game that has many fans across the globe. The game features many new phrases from the main actor and creator of the show, Seth McFarlane. This is a really interesting game to play and offers many hysterical lines from the father, Peter, the family dog, Brian, and Stewie, who is the baby with plans to take over our world.

The game provides three different levels of speech, namely, family, moderate and adult. Together with original artwork from the artists who are behind the animation of the show. There are also artworks from those artists who are behind the animation of the show, like Margaret Hudson and John Youssi.

The Family Guy pinball game also features a unique element, which is called as Stewie’s mini-playfield. This is situated in the upper right-hand corner of the main playfield. There are mini flippers on this filed that can be controlled by regular buttons. However, the player needs to be in that mode to control using the regular buttons. There are even targets and ramps in the field. The player needs to shoot at the target while a Stewie toy moves in from the same to taunt the player.

There are some unique features of the game, which include 6 characters from the Griffin family, a Brian Griffin toy standing perched on a can of Patriot Ale and two pinballs that are captive and spells out Pinball when they are struck.

  • Dimensions: 54"Dx29"Wx75"H 8 amps

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