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Gems Parties presents Daytona Racing, an arcade game which is a popular game released by SEGA back in 1993. At that time, the game was among the most popular ones in arcades, as well as the highest-grossing. Its futuristic appearance, realistic graphics, and awesome flow, Daytona Racing managed to be the kind of game that was way ahead of its time.

This classic arcade game comes with many features, as well as enhanced gameplay and remastered tracks. This arcade game is great when you are looking to create and enjoy head-to-head contest at any event. Rent a handful or even up to 8 cabinets from us for huge competitive races amongst colleagues or friends.

About the Game

This game gives you simple goals: get to the finish line before the other players do, by outrunning all opponents before reaching it. You just need to be the fastest car moving on the track. You also need to avoid sharp corners and walls, which means handling your turns carefully. Crashing slows your momentum and costs you time. This game is not your average Tokyo Drift simulator, but a reiteration of one of the iconic games which made SEGA famous back in its heyday.

Looking to rent 1 to 8 racing simulators for the next party or event you have lined up? Gems Parties is here to help with that. Make sure to strike a chord with every reaching enthusiast for your event or party.

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