Claw Crane Machine


The Claw Crane Machine has got to be the most indispensable piece of merchandise in any gaming room, pizza parlor, entertainment center, shopping center, diner, bowling alley, and theatre, out there. The things it holds which can be won for a grab include everything from basic stuffed animals to official sports merchandise from local teams. You also get to pick out and take home the odd expensive watch, jewelry, sunglasses, gadget, electronic toy, and t-shirt from one of these. When it comes to ideas for merchandise, the sky is the limit. On the practical side though, you will need to limit the size and weight of whatever you put inside the rented machine.

Rent a claw crane arcade machine from Gems Parties, and you can set it up for people to have their fun. This is originally coin-operated, which is a feature used to control crowds at jam-packed events, as well as to restrict access to the merchandise inside the machine. Inserting token lets you start the game.

It makes sense that winning something at a retail establishment is not as easy as most people would want, which is why rented games are often adjusted to easy-setting so that it becomes simpler winning the give-away product. Bear in mind that the Claw Crane Arcade Machine requires skill to maneuver to victory, which means that even with the thing set on “easy”, there is no guarantee that merchandise will be won. The reason it is still so popular is the enthusiasm that players often muster from themselves as well as lookers-on, as they try to win something. If they do win, then the feeling is intensified, and they may even try again just for the fun of it. Our clients see this (rewarding a participant for successful effort) as a good way to promote products. This way, potential customers can be reached out to, and a stronger client base can be built.

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  • Dimensions: 42" W x 75" H x 39" D 5 Amps

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