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Event Lighting Rental

Gems Parties Event Lighting Rental in Los Angeles has all the lighting equipment you need in order to give your party the look you are going for. Illuminate your wedding, bar and bat mitzvahs, social gatherings and more with our unbeatable prices. Request a quote today.


Price Qty
Gobo Patterns, standard and custom
Gobo Pattern Source 4 light fixture
Uplight Shield, Plexi
Truss supports
Chandelier, 18 branch, 36″ diameter
Chandelier, 12 Branch, 30″ diameter
String Lights, LED holiday lights, 70 bulbs per 23.7′, shown “in” draping
String Lights, Carnival lights, (1 25watt bulb every 2 feet)
Paper Lantern with single bulb (60watt equivalent)
Quartz Light (500W), Halogen Work Light, Clamps to pipe
Tent Light, Quad, 4 150watt halogen lamps
Tent Light, Duel, 2 150watt halogen lamps, quad lamp shown in picture
Pole Light, 10’6″ High (w/3 Flood Lights)
Mega Flat Tri Par Color LED Light, used as uplight or clamped to support
Par 46 Can Light, used as uplight or clamped to support
Par 38 Can Light (pin spot), clamped to support
Paper Lantern Lights, One String 4 lights (60watt equivalent each) 40ft. Long
Chandelier, 4 Branch
Chandelier, 1 60watt bulb, 9″ diameter
Aggressor Light
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